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Get Knit Done

Jun 6, 2022

Hello lovelies, Welcome to Episode 21 of the Get Knit Done podcast. In this episode, I am talking about my choices for what I would like to be knitting at the moment if I could knit!  I narrowed it down to cardigans because, as it turns out, I didn’t really feel like anything else.  The episode takes a bit of a tour of my thought process in how I reached that conclusion and how I ended up choosing cardigans and then why I choose the 10 patterns that I did!  Visit the show notes here for links:

ext week it’s our next instalment of Desert Island Knits & then after that, I’ll be talking about patterns and how both designers and knitters have responsibilities when it comes to patterns!

Take care lovelies,


PS. If you are casting on a new project, don’t forget, you can get a project tracker here on the site!