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Get Knit Done

Jun 20, 2022

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Get Knit Done podcast.  As a pattern buyer and designer but also as someone who rambles through Knitting Twitter and other knitting communities on the internet, I think there are a few harsh (depending on your view of course and very kindly put I hope) truths that we need to talk about in relation to knitting pattern pricing and in this episode, I grasp that nettle!

As always, if you don't agree with me, let's talk about it but let's be kind too!  Knitting is definitely not intended to be a combat sport! 

Visit the show notes here:

Following on from this, rather fittingly, I hope, I have a couple of episodes planned to talk about knitting pattern design!  I'll be talking about what I see as the three different aspects of knitting pattern design and how they relate to one another but how they all need different types of attention! 

Take care lovelies,


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