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Get Knit Done

May 30, 2022

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to Episode 20 of the podcast.  This episode was originally going to be focused on what to do if you are learning to knit but evolved into what to do if you are teaching someone to knit!  There isn't a huge difference really - whether you are teaching someone or being taught so all of the points are relevant!

I've divided the 12 tips into practicalities and, I guess, 'being human' tips : )

List to the episode & visit the show notes for the full list: 

Don’t let any of this put you off, you only need to be about 10% ahead of someone to show them how to do it! 

People have been asking about when I will run Learn to Knit again.  Unfortunately I don't currently have a date for the live teaching of the course but I am hoping to have the class available to buy on it's own really soon! 

Thank you so much for continuing to tune in.  Next week I'll be talking about what I'm planning to knit just as soon as my shoulder is back in action!

Michelle x

Don't forget to download your Key Skills knitting checklist here.