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Get Knit Done

May 23, 2022

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to Episode 19 of the podcast.  I wasn't really sure what to call this episode and I nearly went with 'Sometimes it's hard' but this is the internet and things get misunderstood enough!  

In this episode I talk about 7 (I think it kind of turned into 8!) times when a more difficult (at least in people's minds) option might be better than the easiest option!  I talk about the following:

  1. Why sometimes a seam is necessary
  2. Grafting versus a three-needle cast-off
  3. The weaving Stephen versus a slightly more involved method
  4. Russian joins versus weaving in your ends afterwards
  5. Why swatching is often better than not swatching
  6. Setting in a sleeve versus raglans
  7. Heel flaps are the best (don't @ me sock knitters, I am one of you!)

Have a listen and let me know whether you disagree or not!  And remember, we can disagree on these,  none of them are life-changing, and still be friends.

I also mention in the episode that I was going to put together an email series to teach you some of the techniques above and here it is!  Visit here to learn 5 of the techniques above!   See if I can tempt you to the other side!  And even if you have no intention of changing, why not learn something new anyway?

Thank you so much for continuing to tune in.  Next week I'll be talking about how to teach people to learn to knit (might be different to the episode trailer as I changed direction while recording the episode!).

Michelle x

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