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Get Knit Done

Jan 26, 2021

In this episode I’m talking about cutting yourself some slack when your projects don’t come out the way you want.  We are often our harshest critics but given how much more knitting is than just a hobby, you might want to give yourself some space to be bad at it!

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Jan 19, 2021

In this episode, to start off this podcast, I’m talking about how it’s your knitting and that why, how and what you knit are entirely up to you and definitely not up to the knitting police!  View the show notes here: 

Jan 4, 2021

The Get Knit Done podcast is a podcast for new and experienced knitters who want to get more from their knitting!  The podcast will share knitting techniques and how-tos, host guests from around the knitting community and share knitting patterns and inspiration so that you can Get Knit Done!